All about CD-ROM, DVD-RW and Its Evolution


Compact Disc-Read Only Memory is the abbreviation of the CD-ROM where DVD-RW is a rewritable optical disk with no change in the memory as of the normal DVD-R. In November 1999 a developer named Pioneer developed this format of DVD whereas CD-ROM was developed by a scientist named James Russell. A CD-ROM has a capacity of storing data up to 700MB, but a DVD-RW can store 4.7GB of data which can also be rewritten. Previously these devices were developed just to store some sound formats but now they are widely used for storing data and files which can be easily read through computers. If you want to know about these storage devices in details check out the given information below:

Their Evolution

These devices have come up a long way since the time of their invention. With the advent of technology these devices has also evolved into better and improved form.


  • As mentioned earlier CD-ROM was brought into existence by James Russell, an American inventor who completed his BA in Physics in 1953
  • After facing many difficulties and many failures he brought up this device named CD-ROM which is in wide range of use now in the present world


  • DVD-RW was the result of hard work of a developer by name Pioneer
  • After getting its approval from DVD-Forum DVD-RW came into use in November 1999
  • The intention behind the invention of this device is that, not only reading the data present in a DVD but we can also rewrite them using a computer

About Them


  • A CD-ROM is a digital disk in which one can store the data you need and one can read them using computer
  • A general CD-ROM can store files which contain memory up to 700MB
  • The CD-ROM has a diameter of 120 millimeters which can store up to 80min Audio
  • There were mini CD’s available ranging in diameter of 60-80 millimeters and capable of storing 24min audio
  • The Audio CD’s came to the market since October 1982 commercially


  • A normal DVD RW is of 12cm in diameter
  • All files stored in a DVD can be easily read from a computer and in extra DVD-RW has a special feature where one can rewrite the data stored in it
  • A general DVD-RW can hold data of 4.7GB
  • “Single layered” and “Double layered” are the two different types of DVD-RW
  • Single layered disks has a capacity of storing files up to 9.4GB, but it becomes different with double layered as it can maintain the data of size up to 17GB with it
  • A special type of DVD-RW has been discovered recently called Mini DVD-RW which can hold data containing memory of 1.46GB and its diameter will be 8cm

A CD-ROM and a DVD-RW are now in abundant usage even though there are memory cards and pen drives which are easy to carry and can be easily used in computers. CD’s and DVD’s are widely used in the distribution of movie songs, film DVD’s, any software necessary for computers, computer games etc. The advantage of distributing the products using CD’s and DVD’s is that you can copyright your file so that no one can try copying the product and share it to others thus saving huge loss. CD’s and DVD’s are available in affordable rate in the market and they can be used for a long period of time if maintained properly.

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Top 8 IT security every users should know when using their computers


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Having a computer often need regular changes to make it work effectively especially on security issues. However, with proper education, you will always know what you must do whenever you are looking for ways to enhance the security of your computer. Here are some of the IT security every users should know when using their computers:

  1. Target attacks on the PC

Many threats landscape often dominate speculative attacks that are designed to steal or hijack personal information from those people who operate websites. You have to come up with a solution on how to solve the problem whenever you are looking for the best solutions.

  1. Hactivism

Hactivism is a serious security issue that you must know when planning to improve the safety of your PC. This means you have to put in measures that you would need when protecting your computer.

  1. Cyber Espionage and Warfare

Many people today use sophisticated malware when targeting their attacks on important production facilities. You must understand how to set your computer when you need to avoid these common security threats.

  1. Big Brother Watching

You can always use technology when monitoring all the activities of the suspected criminal activities. You must know how to improve your security whenever you are looking for these available options.

  1. Malware

Malware is a common problem that you should remember whenever you are planning to improve your PC security. You must have antiviruses that will assist your computer whenever you are looking for ways to improve the security of your PC. When you update your computer regularly, you are likely to reduce the side effects that comes with these malware as security threats. When you have no idea on what to do, you should hire a security expert who will assist you on what to do whenever you are looking for ways to enhance the threats as well as security issues.

  1. Cyber Extortion

Cyber Extortion is a security threat is now growing numbers from the ransomware Trojans that are designed by the hackers to extort money from victims by encrypting disk’s data before blocking an access to the computer system. This can always lead to huge losses when undetected. You need also to come with several strategies on how to improve the security of your homes when looking for ways to reduce cybercrimes.

  1. Viruses

With many forms of viruses that no affect millions of computers around the world, you should ensure that you protect your PC at all costs. Through a regular PC checkup, you should be able to identify the potential threats to your computer thus enabling you to understand what to do when combating these threats. With proper analysis, you will always be sure of improving the security of your PC.

  1. Un-Patched Exploits in the Java scripts

These cyber criminals exist when you install malware on your PC computer as a way of exploiting un-patched vulnerabilities in the applications.

In conclusion, the above are some of the IT security every users should know when using their computers as way of improving the security of your PC.

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